Tooth whitening and bleaching

published December 23rd, 2011

Enjoy your bright smile!

Patients are very interested in whitening teeth. This is because appearance is important to them, and they realize that the mouth and their smile is the focus of considerable attention, as we go through our daily routines.

If we feel good about our appearance we feel good about ourselves.

These good feelings in turn result in better relationships with those around us.

Bleaching procedures are not new in dentistry.

Traditionally whitening techniques are usually done by the patient at home. Much milder methods are used which are much gentler and easier to control. Its takes usually 7 to 10 days.

Other, faster method is attempting to bleach the teeth in one session at the dentist’s office. Its popular ZOOM Whitening System. Results are impressive and visible right away and teeth are whiter 5-7 shades !

We are proud to announce we are having very affordable price.

In most of dental offices prices are $500 or $600 but our promotion for one hour awesome ZOOM LED light whitening is $299 !

So, What do you need to do next if you want to have your teeth bleached and whitened?

First of all, your dentist should examine all of your teeth and determine the health of your mouth.

After treatment plans are made and you are ready to go ahead with bleaching.

What, if any, are the contra-indications for tooth bleaching? And which people should not have any bleaching process carried out? As of this writing we would not recommend bleaching for smokers. Smokers should stop smoking before having their teeth bleached. The smoking not only defeats the effect of bleaching but some authors are concerned about the mixture of hydrogen peroxide with smoking having a potentiating effect on tissue damage already known to be caused by smoking. As far as we are aware, pregnancy and other diseases are not a contra-indication.

Above all enjoy your bright smile!

For a permanent change, you should consider the placement of Veneers, and you can access this information from our Patient Information pages.

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