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Here are few testimonials from our patients and organic reviews from Google+ and Yelp.

“I was skeptical at first, mainly because of where the clinic is. The moment I called, all of that disappeared. Everything was clear and up front. The total cost was what it was quoted to be, and there was no surprises. The clinic was incredibly professional, but had a very caring feel. Dr. Goran is a very talented dentist. Not only is his hand steady, but he takes the time to explain everything to you. He’s empathetic and compassionate; and you feel like he really cares about you, your teeth, and your experience at his clinic. I had several teeth extracted there by the recommended surgeon, and everything was smooth, painless, and complication free. Don’t even waste your time elsewhere”.

G. Ng., from Google+, 2013

“I was on a health kick today and visited my dentist and a doctor. I feel fantastic now. So, I was looking for a new dentist in burnaby, not knowing what to expect – well, I was very pleasantly surprised.
These guys have regular Saturday hours and their reception staff was very pleasant over the phone and in person. I went in for a regular dental checkup as it was time expecting to be there for a few hours – between the waiting room, forms, and the work itself.
I spent the first five minutes filling out my forms, the receptionist had taken my insurance details over the phone a few days earlier so they were prepared for billing. Within 2 minutes of returning my paperwork, they ushered me into a dental chair – normally a very scary place.
The took a couple x-rays and did a quick exam, repaired a couple small cavities, even had some art on the ceiling for me to stare at while I was being worked on.
The dentist was efficient and very pleasant. They completed this entire process within 35 minutes – as I walked out, the receptionist had my bill ready within 5 minutes and I was on my way.
This was the most physically painless and financially painless dentist appointment in my life. There is a first time for everything apparently.
one note – their hygienists are super busy, so expect to wait a few weeks to get an appointment with them”.

Kassim D., Burnaby, from Yelp.ca

“I have been going to Crystal Dental for over 15 years and they have always been super friendly and professional. Our whole family, including our kids and our own parents now, enjoy (believe it or not) going to the dentist because they have always had a positive experience. Keep up the good work!”

Jeremy Peters. Google review, June 2018.

“Friend of mine recommended Crystal Dental Center about 3 years ago and I can say now it was a right choice for me. Office staff always polite, helpful and patient with me, they take time to answer all my questions and schedule appointments at
my convenience. Dr. Goran Stanisavljevic did a great job on my teeth. He is professional, friendly and really impressed me with his work quality. I would definitely recommend Dr. Goran to my friends.

Igor D., Vancouver, from Yelp.ca Feb. 2012

“I really like and value this clinic. Dr. Goran is an amazing professional and the staff here is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend this place. Dr. Goran is the first “painless” dentist I’ve been to. Love this place! Would recommed to everybody” ūüôā

Vita, Vancouver, from Google, Feb. 2012

“Dr Dragana and Dr Goran have been our dentist for a long 10 years now. All the procedures they have done were on time, well done and long lasting. On a few occasions they have referred us to a specialists in a timely manner. Pretty much, everything so far is just about right. I wish they stay around as long as we need them!”

Alen, Vancouver

“I have had dental work done both here and abroad. Every time I went in, it hurt. Then I met Dr. Dragana. She assured me that it wouldn’t hurt, and, at first I was very nervous. But she was right! It was completely painless. I feel very grateful now, because I am not afraid to see the dentist anymore.”

Maria, New Westminster

“I can’t say enough about Crystal Dental team, as people and a dentists. I was terrified of going, but once there, the office and staff were very pleasant and comforting. I would recommend them and use my name as reference. Thank you – a very satisfied client.”

Nikolay, Burnaby

“I am not a very easily pleased person, especially when it comes to my mouth. I have seen a number of dentists, and they all wanted to crown all my teeth or sell me something I didn’t need. Then I met Dr. Goran. He was different. He listened to me, and only recommended what I really needed. And, his work was the best. I am very happy to recommend him.”

Morgan Chiu, Burnaby

“I have been a patient of Crystal Dental for over years, and I totally trust them. They are not only very professional, but also very caring. You would definitely feel that you are in good hands. Highly recommended.”

Kaori, Vancouver

“My family and I feel very grateful for having Dr. Goran as our family dentist. We are tremendously pleased with the quality of his work and the way that he and his team treat patients.
Dr. Goran has been taking care of my family’s teeth over five years and yet we never felt pain during anesthesia injections, cavity treatments or root canal treatments.
Dr. Goran is always patient and careful; he thoroughly examines his patients’ teeth and attempts to rescue any damaged tooth. Proposed treatment is carefully explained and alternatives are discussed in detail.
I would highly recommend Crystal Dental Centre to anybody who is looking for an exceptional dental office.”

Josko Tomic, Burnaby

“I have been going to Crystal Dental Center for 5 years now and I can say only the best about service that they provide. Friendly staff, professional and great work done by Drs. Goran and Dragana Stanisavljevic is more than enough to recommend this Dental Clinic to everyone. You can also be served in few different languages, like English, Serbian, Russian and Chinese.

Lyubo K., Vancouver, from Yelp.ca Mar. 2012

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