At our modern, purpose built, family dental practice in the Crystal Mall, Metrotown, Burnaby, B.C., provides a range of general and advanced dental treatments for adults and children. We have dentists who are following further training, have been awarded postgraduate qualifications. As a Family Dentists we provide  excellent diagnostics, prevention and treatment of Gum Disease, Cavities,  Paedodontics, Bonding, Veneers, Root Canal Therapy, Crown /Bridgework,  Extractions, Implant Crowns, Braces, etc …

As a Family Dentists we are very first to recognize orthodontic anomalies and advice you regarding braces for your child.

Our dental hygienists will teach you to prevent plaque, tartar, calculus accumulation. They will show you the best way to deal with gingivitis (which if treated in the early stages can be reversed), gum desease and periodintitis. Prevention of dental disease through regular check-ups and dental hygiene appointments is our philosophy.

Also, for your convenience, in Crystal Dental Centre we work evenings and Saturdays.

In addition, we have specific arrangements for disabled persons.

New patients

Great effort is made to take new patients without delay. This means you’ll get an appointment same day.


We speak your language! – ask and we would be happy to schedule you with someone who speaks your language. Yes, our staff speak:

  • English
  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin
  • Serbian
  • Croatian
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Bulgarian
  • Macedonian
  • Vietnamese

Emergency Arrangements

If you are experiencing any discomfort and anticipate that you will need to be seen by our dentists, please contact our office as soon as possible. Most weeks, our office is staffed from Monday to Saturday, however, we are closed all Sundays and holidays. We will ensure that you are seen during that business day so that we can examine you and, if possible, alleviate any discomfort.  Please do not wait till the last minute, especially before a holiday weekend.  Please do not ask for an emergency unless you really need one as most minor problems, such as a lost filling, can usually wait a couple of days without complications arising. We appreciate your consideration here as we wish to enjoy our time off as well.

If you are a Patient of Record and you or a family member has experienced a sudden emergency during a time when the office is closed, please call the office (604.431.0431) and follow the instructions on the answering service.  If you do not hear back from your dentist within a few hours, consider phoning one of the other dentists on the list.  Occasionally, we are out of mobile range or in a professional meeting requiring us to have all cell phones shut off. Above all, we want to be able to deal with your situation as conveniently as possible.

If you are a New Patient and wish to be seen by us please give us a call at 604.431.0431 or 604.431.0401.

Please let us know that you are in discomfort and we will assess you during the same day if necessary.

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